A Voice in the Wilderness

From Love to Love
May 12, 2006, 11:49 pm
Filed under: Poems

my heart screams
my emotions linger
these sessions starts a sunder
my dreams from thoughts, I ponder

someone to cry the time has come
awaken and meet the one who is to come
prepared or delaying, where do we place?
alas some fall short of heart to finish

a race that runs in our own pace
a marathon to see our perseverance
how far can we go…
how far will we go…

reasons to run, a reason for fun?
happy to do so? forced to be here?
questions remain as we take this path
a narrow road that a few find

see the way, see the end
love the journey, seek the glory
for those who endures, knows whats in them
we’re this far, lets take the extra mile.