A Voice in the Wilderness

Ephesians 6:10-18
May 24, 2006, 3:51 pm
Filed under: Poems

Im walking on the valleys of your shadows
Oh, how eerie the wind blows
Visited these depths of low
Back when my faith was slow

The liege’s heart besieged
relentless attacks this vassal recieved
strongholds fell on this battle I’ve fought
the victory i sought, was what he achieved

a flashback of what was once
when my oil never reached an ounce
The Spirit came like a sword in hand
together, His armor and I in bond

equipped with the belt of truth
together with Him and his fruit
wrapped around the waist
tightly bound on this faithful brute

strapped with the breastplate of grace
and of righteousness in place
ready to stand and take his blows
defense being equipped to stand in place

with feet of readiness from the news of peace
equipped with these to run with ease
i stand with you, who gave it all
for with your blood, new life i leased

Hugged by my shield of faith
Ready to block the attacks of your wraiths
your flaming arrows holds no threat
For I am with the one I praise

On my crown I place this helm
with salvation and the promise of his realm
Now I hold this ground and stand firm
Awaiting for the day of struggles