A Voice in the Wilderness

June 29, 2006, 2:58 pm
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My tower and my strength
pour forth your spirit on this war
My tower, my strength
be with me as I feel her breathe down my neck
shivers on my spine be gone
My tower My strength
he brings me peace
My tower, My strength
brings you down to your knees
my enemies footstool of my feet
The kings that was created
to rule, subdue and dominate
subjugate the spirit that roams here
ambassadors of light
with our tower and strength
we pierce throught the dark
My refuge, my tower and my strength
As I battle with the lines of the enemy
Grant me peace…


The Red Strip amidst the Radiance
June 22, 2006, 3:01 pm
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Subjugating Darkness

Status: [Spiritual hunger is higher than yesterday… sitting, waiting, praying…]

This new mystery that unfolded before my very eyes is so friggin cool. Hehe, I’ve always been naive and proud of myself knowing some stuff, but there will always be something bigger and better than what I know. Pieces of jigsaw puzzles that just shows the bigger picture out there, and what a beauty it is.

I have always been intact and hard on intimacy, its all that i needed, intimacy and love, while i thought that that was it, when its the whole Nitrous Oxide for a runner to get a bigger picture, its like “Now that youre pumped up, fueled and hyped! now see this and run!” Heh…

Psalms 110:1
The Lord says to my lord, “Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool of your feet.”

One thing is for sure on that verse, someone will be subjugated and another will subjugate. Just like light pierces to the darkest room, just like a voice will be heared in the middle of the dessert, makes it all clear why we, the awakened ones, are awakened to see, hear and do whatever it is that is needed to be done…

The time for subjugation has come and the time to take that step forward again has come, the time to see what it is to see, hear what is to hear, then speak what it is to be spoken has come. Repent for the kingdom has come, and its time to make an advancement and take things forcefully because the enemy will not go down as easy as that (even with me, that booger aint giving up). And its up to us on how we will choose to attack and retaliate. Kingdom against kingdom, hear the command and conquer haha…

The time is now…  🙂


June 6, 2006, 7:22 am
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What couldve happened in the past
when i just lived my life too fast
how couldve i just let you pass
in the last place id look
all in all, at last

on darkness i walked
passed that wide road
paved with gold
with a blindfold and fruit shake to hold
when all i need is to walk
on that long and narrow road
where i swore i didnt took
even looked at for what its worth

perilous it may be
but in your arms im free
all knowing mister
here i am a humble listener
with loads of question to ask

i know in darkness we wont last
but why does life move so fast
and why do nice guys finish last

life is indeed short
too short for me to extort
myself from lies and covered eyes
fascinated by those blue eyes
a glance that never left my sight
captivated and straightened
life has just begun

perilous it may be
but in your arms im free
all knowing mister
here i am a humble listener
with loads of question to ask

i know in darkness we wont last
but why does life move so fast
and why do nice guys finish last

now i have to run fast.

Fishers of Men
June 2, 2006, 2:16 am
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day after day, i push through the bay
waiting for the catch of a lifetime

and day after day, it all ends the same
with me wanting more of my life

will we ever find peace
from this feat that we seek
satisfaction at its loss
we make ourselves boss

we stand on his way
we run ahead of him
when the truth that we seek
is following him,
right behind him

we run through our course
we run our own race
maybe thats why we crash and burn

we seek our own truths
when truth knocks on our hearts
how long shall we sleep and weep

long before he’s gone
the same happend with a throng
they seek the one thats in front of them

tried and found wrong
the man that they sought
took the blame that was supposed to be mine

why did he do, what he has to do
when he couldve just said one word

why did he step, down on his throne
just to help us when we’re found down

the love that we seek
is in front of the jeep
the ride of our lives is at hand

His love made me weep
what was long gone before
renewed and remolded, by the master they rejected

Forever ill walk
ran down on my faults
its time to climb back up

For now im owned
by his blood im am owned
Protect me
Hold me, never let go
Let me fly, fly up high
with the wings…
that seperates me…
from this world…

Psalms 27
June 1, 2006, 3:04 pm
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My Light and my stronghold
That strengthens me in war
Fearless I run towards them
Fervor in my heart as we trample them
May it be numerous beyond reach
I will not falter, never
One thing I ask of you
Let me be with you forever
and be in pursuit of you
For when the enemy lays waste upon me
I will be safe in you
High and low im hidden
Under your shadows I run
And as low as im hidden
With you I'm raised upon them
regarded a victor through and through
Hear my I call, on you I wait
empowerment of weakness
to be disrobed of my pride
so with your eagles i ride
My heart runs for you, hear me
you took me from them
dont go
you pushed me through
dont go
teach me your ways and lead me
i follow behind you and not be lost
let me not drink from their cup
their desires unravels my weakness
but in the end, it has to end
and keep me here as i wait
meek and weak make me wait
patiently, strong and taking heart
i will wait for you

June 1, 2006, 7:40 am
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Have you ever thought about giving up on something? Of course, almost every single one of us encountered this thorn in our path, belittling ourselves. What could we have done wrong? What could we have done for us to fail? Was it all done by our own works, ways and understanding? Have we forgotten about the One who did Genesis 1? Have we looked upon a small God, so small that we just look upon him as a dust in our own world? So small that even our visions and goals are so short sighted? Our God is so small that we cannot see ourselves spreading the Gospel throughout the world? [Acts 1:8] Have we encapsulated God within a box of our abilities?

For how long have we waited for God to act upon our own likes and requests for us to move for his likes and requests? Have you heard yourself praying, “God… Give me a good job where I can prosper, a huge house where I can live, and a nice car, and I will quit smoking and do whatever you want to do with me, use me Father… but give these first.” Could it be that is why we can’t feel his favor shine upon us among our days, is because we made God into an ATM Machine? Have we gone too far with all the instant microwavable stuff? And to finish it all, we have the nerve to get mad at God when we don’t feel our prayers work. And then we give up faith because it’s not working.

Who could’ve sucked out the feeling that the bliss of just staying within God’s presence surpasses all things that could bring pleasure to men? Could we have sought the hand of God so much?

David, the man who is after God’s heart, has pretty much everything a man can ever ask for. A success story from Jesse’s youngest child, who thought that he is destined to tend to his sheep, started a huge fan base when he defeated Goliath with a pebble. Never went above his head and followed Saul even though he knew that the king has a plot to kill him. Bottom line is David had everything! Could have anything! But still he is just after one thing. ONE THING!!!!! [Psalms 27:4] One thing I desire is to seek his face!

It’s just funny how I based my faith and belief on God with material things. How I used him as my last resort in every circumstance. Sure I was a Christian since I was like 8 years old. And I’ve prayed those prayers to ask God’s participation on what I want with my life just brought me down to the ground. Nothing more than just a man who is aware of his presence but didn’t care less of what He is. I’m telling you this, that that kind of God is boring… The God inside man’s own box is a boring God. That is one of the reasons why we seek love, acceptance and entertainment on other things, not in His presence.

Something, a material, made to do what you want for your own good is something boring, without feelings, and not fun to play with. Why? Because in truth, MAN DOESN’T KNOW WHAT HE WANTS, but God does. What makes God even boring to man’s perspective is that when the God inside their box didn’t do what they want, they end up murmuring and having tantrums, or worse, deny his existence. Men usually put God into this timeframe of 1 or 2 hours on a weekly basis. What ever happened to daily meetings and hourly phone calls? How could we possibly get to know him better if we just look unto him within this timeframe?

This is what a bored Christian sounds like.
“I tried your prayer thing, but it didn’t work, My wallet is still empty, that’s why I cant go out with you guys tonight.”

And this is a Christian who has sought his face.
“Oh Bro! I tried your prayer thing and UHHHH!!!! That’s why I cant go out and watch a movie with you guys”

Just imagine a whole bunch of kids saying that. No imagine a whole generation who is like that! Imagine a generation that is so in love with Christ that they skip big movies just to lock in their rooms for 3 days just praying and worshiping God. Imagine a younger generation who looks up to their crazy praying and fasting parents. It is a possibility that with God we can culture a generation that is crazy, hungry, weak and broken people who depend on God above everything else, (rich young man text) above anything else.

What am I trying to say? Get to know God on who He really is! Get to know what He feels for you. (John 17:24). Get to know the depths of his heart! Go on and chase the first and greatest commandment. That is why it is the first and greatest commandment in the first place. Make it your priority above everything else; make the “One thing” lifestyle a priority.

What is it that we really want?

There has always been a stage in our lives that we just feel tired of our usual lifestyle and we step into a stage on what we call “Soul Searching”. What is it that we seek? In what I have seen in people, they have tried all that is to be tried. They did drugs, 24/7 television, video games, drinking, smoking, sex, perversion, pornography, and all those vices that would just give moments of pleasure to our flesh. They have everything but they’re not happy. There is something they seek that they themselves don’t know what it is. For one reason, they don’t know who God is and what God is capable of doing to a man’s soul. But that question always passes by their minds. All of us seeks satisfaction, all of seeks stuff that could just give moments of pleasure.

Psalms 37:4 “Delight yourselves in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” It’s almost automatic; just have fun with him then bam! What you desire I will give. And just think about the euphoria you’ll get when all you desire is Him, and he’ll be with you since you delight in him. WOAH!!!! Im melting on my seat at the moment…

Setting up a Date with God (Encountering Jesus)

In the world we live in right now, all material just gives us ease and the capability to breeze through life, all the comfort that we can get just to last a measly minute and entertain ourselves instead of leaning upon the chest of our God to hear his heartbeat calling out your name.

Like us when we desperately call upon God, when our heart just screams out Psalms 27:4, Jesus too is found to be desperately looking for us in John 17:24. If you read those two verses side to side you can just hear your heart and His heart yearning for each other. Jesus has a burning passion and a ravishing heart just for us.

So how do we setup a date between the two hearts that yearns to be together, a marriage between the Bride and the Bridegroom?

First let’s distinguish what we really like.

In my personal experience, my life rotated around things that just lasted for measly moments. Computer games that just leaves you hanging and craving for its second part, a movie or series that just cant seem to run out of story lines that ends up having 10 seasons or more than a trilogy. That stuff fascinated and entertained me and of course caught my heart dumbstruck. My heart was captivated with those cheap thrills that leave me blind of what its doing to me. I stayed on my comfort zone for so long that I can’t see myself leaving that area to explore more stuff. I was trapped in this invention inside a box, the television set. It took probably half of my lifetime, and worse, my supposed to be relationship with God right now. I completely forgot who God was during those days of material… Madonna couldn’t have said it any better… “We are living in this ma-ma-material world, and I’m a ma-ma-material (being).” Not until I realized that we should be a water walker to encounter the best exhilarating experience better than any roller coaster ride that I’ve been on (by the way, I don’t ride anything that has loops).

[verse] [not exact words] Peter asked the Lord “If that is truly you, Master, then call me out of this boat and let me come to you”. And Jesus called out Peter and said “Come.” And Peter did, he walked on water, but when he looked down, and saw the winds and the waves he started to sink. Peter called out to Jesus and said, “Help me for I am drowning.” Jesus immediately held out his hand to catch Peter and asked him “Why do you doubt?”

The boat resembles our comfort zone where we stay when we are traveling on waters. We know that the boat floats, so why not stay there. We know that we’re going to be happy right after we watch X-Men 3, so why bother look outside the box? It’s because we don’t know who is there telling us to “Come” to him. We don’t know what he is capable of. We cannot encounter Christ unless we step out of that boat. We won’t know what our heart truly desires unless we walk out of our comfort zone. We strip ourselves with our usual life and just get out of our way to meet him. And trust me on this, when you do? You will definitely meet him out of that boat we have stayed for so long.
It is true, Jesus said that “In order for us to follow him, we must pick up our cross, and deny ourselves daily.” He also told the rich young man to sell all his belongings and give it to the poor and follow him. And when he asked Matthew (the tax collector) follow me, Matthew stood up and left everything he was doing and followed him. We must leave all those stuff that bothers our desires so that we can truly delight in Him! No man can have two masters right? And as we see him calling us out, and as we continue to look towards Him as He opens His arms to accept us is a sight to be seen. He is telling us that we are going to walk on wavy and deep waters during our walk towards Him, but He is telling us also that we will accomplish all of these as we continue to look towards Him and not to the waters. When there are trials we should continue to walk towards him, and even if we fall… guess whose hand is there in an instant, even before we finish the sentence “HELP!” his hands are there waiting for us to grab it. A date, and a dance with God.

From Dating to Marriage

From the boat to walking on water, from comforts to unknown depths, this is where it begins. A man’s walk in faith begins when you step out of that boat with expectations of meeting him on the water. What we are so accustomed of is we are afraid of the unknown; we are scared of what tomorrow will bring. We, as people are trained by the world to be paranoid. Y2K scare? We easily panic, why because we are scared of what will happen tomorrow, we are not prepared to see the unseen, we are not prepared to see the sky split up and see the radiant rider on a white horse as depicted in the book of revelation. We are afraid because we haven’t really gotten into an intimate relationship with the one who is to come. But beloved, to tell you the truth we shouldn’t be scared because the Man who is to come is to come for marriage, the bridegroom will come to meet his bride. And as the bride of Christ we are giving up all of ourselves to marry him. And when the gospel of the Kingdom is spread amongst the nations, then the end will come. And the kingdom will be likened to a wedding as is depicted in the gospel of Matthew. We are called to a radical lifestyle of preparation for his coming, as a bride that is so excited for her wedding day to be one with her Bridegroom. That is what we should be seeing as of now. We as Christians should be crying out COME LORD JESUS COME!!! As we prepare his way like John the Baptist did during his time. We should be the voices outside the city, voices in the wilderness, voices of gladness and joy as we walk on water and outside the boat. Radical, crazy people who are in love and busy gazing in the face of our Master. Break the walls of religiosity that binds us and shrinking our God to fit this box. We should be going in full pursuit towards him not looking at deeds and stuff that would gain approval of him. Mind the ministry later, take care of your own intimacy first. Love him first and then love working for Him later. It’s a basic formula of successful ministry, a ministry of substance and not boring. No bride is bored setting up her marriage with her bridegroom. And in intimacy with Christ, no Christian, or a bride of His is bored doing preparations for his coming.

And until that day that every eye will see, and every tongue will confess that He is God, let us keep seeking his face, and fall more for Christ.

Power through Weakness
June 1, 2006, 7:36 am
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oh, how can i ask to be weak
how can i ask for dependence
when it hurts to be meek
and so fun to be independent

how could i ever stay with you
how can i just lie on your chest
and hear you speak, just with you
where i can ask for less

when can this curse leave
of pride, talent and power
that came from you
that takes me from you

oh, i ask to be weak
teach me to be meek
so that i remain to weep
when its you i seek

let me know it hurts without you
together im weak and strong
in me be proud
your son, faithful son…