A Voice in the Wilderness

Fishers of Men
June 2, 2006, 2:16 am
Filed under: Poems

day after day, i push through the bay
waiting for the catch of a lifetime

and day after day, it all ends the same
with me wanting more of my life

will we ever find peace
from this feat that we seek
satisfaction at its loss
we make ourselves boss

we stand on his way
we run ahead of him
when the truth that we seek
is following him,
right behind him

we run through our course
we run our own race
maybe thats why we crash and burn

we seek our own truths
when truth knocks on our hearts
how long shall we sleep and weep

long before he’s gone
the same happend with a throng
they seek the one thats in front of them

tried and found wrong
the man that they sought
took the blame that was supposed to be mine

why did he do, what he has to do
when he couldve just said one word

why did he step, down on his throne
just to help us when we’re found down

the love that we seek
is in front of the jeep
the ride of our lives is at hand

His love made me weep
what was long gone before
renewed and remolded, by the master they rejected

Forever ill walk
ran down on my faults
its time to climb back up

For now im owned
by his blood im am owned
Protect me
Hold me, never let go
Let me fly, fly up high
with the wings…
that seperates me…
from this world…