A Voice in the Wilderness

The Red Strip amidst the Radiance
June 22, 2006, 3:01 pm
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Subjugating Darkness

Status: [Spiritual hunger is higher than yesterday… sitting, waiting, praying…]

This new mystery that unfolded before my very eyes is so friggin cool. Hehe, I’ve always been naive and proud of myself knowing some stuff, but there will always be something bigger and better than what I know. Pieces of jigsaw puzzles that just shows the bigger picture out there, and what a beauty it is.

I have always been intact and hard on intimacy, its all that i needed, intimacy and love, while i thought that that was it, when its the whole Nitrous Oxide for a runner to get a bigger picture, its like “Now that youre pumped up, fueled and hyped! now see this and run!” Heh…

Psalms 110:1
The Lord says to my lord, “Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool of your feet.”

One thing is for sure on that verse, someone will be subjugated and another will subjugate. Just like light pierces to the darkest room, just like a voice will be heared in the middle of the dessert, makes it all clear why we, the awakened ones, are awakened to see, hear and do whatever it is that is needed to be done…

The time for subjugation has come and the time to take that step forward again has come, the time to see what it is to see, hear what is to hear, then speak what it is to be spoken has come. Repent for the kingdom has come, and its time to make an advancement and take things forcefully because the enemy will not go down as easy as that (even with me, that booger aint giving up). And its up to us on how we will choose to attack and retaliate. Kingdom against kingdom, hear the command and conquer haha…

The time is now…  🙂