A Voice in the Wilderness

July 9, 2006, 11:37 am
Filed under: Lyrics, Poems

On this race
with evil foes to face
i cry one desire
and watch me blaze with fire
to You i look up on
to You I hope and wait
and i will be new
with wounds from many to few
watch me be renewed
a dwindling spark to a blazing flame
and even in these heavy rains
watch me burn in flames
now to You i look
its me, the one You took
from the grounds that shook

i may have fell
and have too many stories to tell
and as i see You smile
telling me not to worry
since thats not what You sell
“as clear as crystal
as white as clouds
and as tender as them
thats who you are to Me”
tired and weary
faced down on the mud
with rain to wash the dirt
of pain and filth

i look upon You
as you took me up for You
now i hope and wait
for You to lift this weight
and I will be new
see my wounds from many to few
and watch me stand up renewed