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Re-Stating the Obvious #1
August 2, 2006, 2:00 am
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I will start a new segment on this blog that will be called “Re-stating the Obvious” which sources from interviews that will make you just scream with “Preach It”s and “C’mon”s so without further ado. 

This week on Re-Stating the Obvious is an Interview with Tim LaHaye about the End-Time Prophecy and relating it to our generation. It is true that it has been stated from generations to generations, and indeed each sign is pointing to ours right now, but again, this may cause fear since this seems, or will be the end of all history and at last, our King will arrive to restore the Kingdom of God here on earth. But then again, it is also written that these are all birthpains of what is to come, and the end will not come until the Gospel of the Kingdom is proclaimed through the ends of the earth. And no greater time it is to do that since the world is just one click away. The article is sourced from Here

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