A Voice in the Wilderness

In a Spiritual Loss
September 26, 2006, 11:51 am
Filed under: Poems

uninspired as i write
i feel like im without right
to think or even say Your name
or even describe what i dont feel

yesterday seemed so real
now its all written in a reel
to be seen, remembered
how i envy myself of yesterday

how could i ever go back
to feel the warmth of your arms
to know that You got my back
whenever i feel like im in the sack

tired, wasted, and lost
as i start to see my body frost
what couldve caused
that this food is left unsauced

bitter or without taste
something that i would spit out
lukewarm and playing safe
will i ever burn and walk on fire?

i talk to myself
what is it when i pray
or am i tired in this fray
pick me up so in your arms ill lay

on the side battered and wounded
on the side ignored and seen rooted
in this world i feel rooted
i am saved, here no longer i am suited

uninspired as i write
i start to yesterdays light
how i shined so bright
and now, ashamed at night…

at night…

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