A Voice in the Wilderness

Split Screen Romance
October 20, 2006, 6:02 am
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This one can make my heart beat
This one can draw me a smile
This one can make me wait a while
This one can make me run the Nile
im telling you that this one is worth the wait
even if it will take me 10 years, and cling on fate
This one can remove my sleep dust
that comfort made to rust
This one can put back that trust
This one, no one else
This one was the one i prayed for
This one, night and day until 4
When could i carry her through that door
This one is a wish that will come true
Have i given alot of clues?
that she’s the one that took my blues
This one i wish to spend forever
Sickness and health, to love so tender
This one i will be jealous on
When she doesnt answer my call
it sets a period on the statement
I know she’ll never be my own
This one ill love too much i know
Will i ever see her tomorrow
so that i could wipe my own sorrow
This one will take my heart
Thats why i ask You and pray
before that happens…
My Lord, Lover and God… Set me apart.


Reap and Sow
October 7, 2006, 3:05 am
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its all going to change
patience and persistence
dont be frustrated
just keep locating
that one thing you seek
just keep going after
what you sow is what youll reap

runaway when its after you
dont face it, youll turn blue
pale and lost
i thought you dont want that toast

patience and persistence
dont be frustrated
youre lost ill run for you
youre gone, ill find you

my arms are waiting for you
dont turn blue
just keep locating
that one thing you seek
just keep going after
what you sow is what youll reap

Sidesteps in the dark
October 5, 2006, 9:24 am
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let music flow through
let the sound create that note
write as you speak
think as you sing

let your heart be heard
how long do you have to learn
tap your feet in motion
nod your head with devotion

conviction as the music flows
create that wonder as you tune that note
know that your not alone
its you, the music and tone

its waiting to be heard
its waiting to be sang
how could you wait
the music ends, but it only began

dance with your heart
dance with your lover
sing with your heart
sing to your lover

a special tune was set
uncommon tune to be read
move your feet in motion
lets go through this devotions

lose yourself
keep that heart
set it apart
look back and loose your heart

sidesteps in the dark
2 taps and a nod
sing to your lover
sing to my God

A Golden Bull and an Awakening
October 1, 2006, 2:43 pm
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2 days of grief, 1 day of envy, and another day for hoping for electricity to come back. With something that was taken away from me, like any other junkie… i got cranky and really wishing for it to come back. Sure it brings comfort and automated instances but just think about it… I know that i depended on it so much, so much that it overlapped whats supposed to be my first love… God. Continue reading