A Voice in the Wilderness

A Golden Bull and an Awakening
October 1, 2006, 2:43 pm
Filed under: Memoirs

2 days of grief, 1 day of envy, and another day for hoping for electricity to come back. With something that was taken away from me, like any other junkie… i got cranky and really wishing for it to come back. Sure it brings comfort and automated instances but just think about it… I know that i depended on it so much, so much that it overlapped whats supposed to be my first love… God.Electricity and comfort itself became a golden bull for me, that it took over the satisfaction that i could gain from Jesus. I found my foot up on my mouth as i start thinking about the things i say about me going for “One Thing”… and now yeah right.

Now i know another thorn that hinders my progress for my relationship with God, my potential for spiritual growth with spending intimate moments with Jesus through conversations and prayers. My PC itself took out my prayer time, my reading and meditations… everything that a certain point came that i even questioned, does He exist?

I grew impatient and if it wasnt for a massive blackout that “Milenyo” caused, i couldnt have reached the conclusion that its this worse.

Right now, im going back to my frustration on being a writer and im going to start to write a book for myself entitled “Awaken”.  Its obviously about awakening your ownself, and a generation that is really lost amidst this dark and cruel world. Blindfolded and seeking God without them knowing.

Yes, its true, we, everyone, is seeking God… they just dont know it yet… some deny… some just stay ignorant about it… thats what this book attempt is going to be. Heh 🙂

I need your prayers on this one, i just hope this message reaches out to everyone as it touched and moved my heart to really step out of my mediocre boat to step in the radical and passionate waters where Jesus is calling us…

A generation needs to be awakened…

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