A Voice in the Wilderness

Sidesteps in the dark
October 5, 2006, 9:24 am
Filed under: Poems

let music flow through
let the sound create that note
write as you speak
think as you sing

let your heart be heard
how long do you have to learn
tap your feet in motion
nod your head with devotion

conviction as the music flows
create that wonder as you tune that note
know that your not alone
its you, the music and tone

its waiting to be heard
its waiting to be sang
how could you wait
the music ends, but it only began

dance with your heart
dance with your lover
sing with your heart
sing to your lover

a special tune was set
uncommon tune to be read
move your feet in motion
lets go through this devotions

lose yourself
keep that heart
set it apart
look back and loose your heart

sidesteps in the dark
2 taps and a nod
sing to your lover
sing to my God

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nice one 🙂

Comment by zmeurica0112

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