A Voice in the Wilderness

Evil Presence… 1st Hand Experience
January 11, 2007, 3:54 pm
Filed under: Memoirs

I’ll come clean here, I am no super christian. I’m far from the perfection to where I’m supposed to be, and I continue to struggle from sin.

And to relay a story about 2 nights ago, when I was just in front of my computer, surfing on the internet and the usual sound trip, when all of a sudden something hissed behind me where a fan was placed. Its certainly not the rotors of the fan, nor the air that the fan produces. It was something else, and suddenly a chill ran up my spine unto my head.

That night proved something to me. We are certainly not alone in this world. Someone is watching, something is lurking. The reality of that evil really pressed something within me, I was afraid, bullied by a simple manifestation of what could be in control of alot of us. I’m telling you, spirits are real. It’s no hallucination and I’m confident to tell you that It’s certainly something.

After minutes of silence and trembling, I asked myself why was it there, and I suddenly prayed. My weakness showed as I prayed with shaking voice, I cannot shout my words, I’m trembling with fear as I recite my prayers. Slowly I gained confidence as I read about how “Legion” knelt in front of Jesus as the Lord came near the possessed man. With confidence I told that entity what Jesus did to Legion, and what My Lord will do to that spooker if he remained in my room.

I prayed until my eyes closed and slept at around 1 am that day.

Could it be that sin opened a window of that attack, when I was caught off guard and such.

But this I’ll tell you guys, as real as that breath was… as real as that manifestation was… We should be confident that Jesus whooping their butt is as real as that. His word that we find in the bible is as real as that.

Greater is He that is in me that He who is in the world. We must always remember that and We can do all things through Christ our Jesus where we find our strength, confidence and authority over the world.

Amen! 🙂

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cool bro.. i only have one story like that.. had to do with a dream naman… Pat filart actually felt his back being touched dude!

I like the way you word your sentences bro.. nice and eloquent

Comment by raffy

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