A Voice in the Wilderness

April 3, 2007, 9:07 am
Filed under: Poems

I personally like this poem that I wrote sometime last year, for it is one of the poem that I really felt God respond to the cries of my heart back then.

That’s why I named this poem “Dialogue” since this was an outpour of one prayer I had last year. Read on…

Father i seek you
i need Your strength as i sleep
for now i weep, for my brothers are blind
and im too small for them to find

Father i seek you
my heart burdens with sorrow
seeing the inevitable tomorrow
how can i let them see that its You to follow

Father i seek you
Father youre all i have
and in your majesty and fists
im showered by your grace, mercy and love


My son where are you
You have what you need
Why do you seek
Son do you doubt?

What happened to you
Its all in your hands, I sent mine to you
Now go for I’m with you
Dont worry, dont ever doubt

Son stand up and shout
I will make your voice a resonating sound
Scrub the sand and look around
See that My love abounds

For now you’re there as my heart
Now open their eyes and tend to the hurt
Awaken now my son
The morning warmth blesses you…
Son, Have fun…

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