A Voice in the Wilderness

A Dance With My Father
April 11, 2007, 3:46 am
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one stare that would lead to forever
a glance that would start this dance
the light, blinding as You move
there’s the music from my heart, feel its groove

You once said feel the flow
as rivers of tears ran down my face
I never understood
Never, that’s why I remained rude

and along this dance
with lovely music to prance
I searched, with closed eyes
A proud son, with his head held high

Now You straightened my glance
with few words I’ve heard
“Why do you look up there?” He asked
With a quite smile I answered
“I seek You”
and a peaceful thunder, my heart was sundered
“What for? I’m dancing among you”
He answered back.

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wow! what a great faith you have. Very amusing.

Comment by ~Lost~

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