A Voice in the Wilderness

Untitled 6-18-07
June 18, 2007, 3:03 am
Filed under: Poems

take me away
take me to paradise
bring me to your arms
let me experience the truth
what is pleasure?
what is love?
i pray that you wash my eyes
let it be of a dove
im overwhelmed by this world
so much things to do
yet all i want is you
so much things to go for
yet i keep on saying one thing
keep me in worship
a place where i want to stay
forget learning
forget knowledge
let my mouth sing songs to you
nothing more, nothing less
let my fingers write words about you
i couldnt care for anything else
perfect this thing that i ask of you
let me express the cries of my heart
no one listens, no one but you
let it speak, let it weep
let the words in this paper drip tears
this man is in pain and in suffering
let me stay in this place
where i stare at your throne
where all things are silent
where your songs are loud
peaceful yet wild.
lead me to that place
a place where tranquil love exist
take me out of this web of which i spun
so many lines, uncomfortable
im lost in my own time
comfort me with troubling thoughts
comfront me with fear of you
take all of myself
leave nothing, leave nothing behind
i want my hands washed from all of these
i want to stay and sit
i want to pray and fit
take me away
take me to paradise
take me to where music is loud
and praise is serene
bring me close to your arms
let me find myself in you