A Voice in the Wilderness

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Called to be a voice in the wilderness. Me, Marco, once was a slave of this world and now levitated into new heights of limits uknown. A visionary, a cause-driven voice that is driven to shake all those who are snoring and sleeping in the lap of the enemy.

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I just found your website…and i already love your
About The Author. I am also a visionary who desperately wants to wake up ALL the sleeping people of this world. I have been listening to Misty Edwards and I sooooo desperately want to know “this King of Glory”

Comment by Peggy

thanks 🙂 well… i believe that if we have something to share, by all means, share it… we, awakened, should really cry out in the wilderness 🙂 we really need to pave the way for Him who is to come. And to know the king, could just be the best day of my life, and heads up on the king, He’s going after you at the same time you run to him aswell… good times 🙂

Comment by marcogol

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