A Voice in the Wilderness

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June 18, 2007, 3:03 am
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take me away
take me to paradise
bring me to your arms
let me experience the truth
what is pleasure?
what is love?
i pray that you wash my eyes
let it be of a dove
im overwhelmed by this world
so much things to do
yet all i want is you
so much things to go for
yet i keep on saying one thing
keep me in worship
a place where i want to stay
forget learning
forget knowledge
let my mouth sing songs to you
nothing more, nothing less
let my fingers write words about you
i couldnt care for anything else
perfect this thing that i ask of you
let me express the cries of my heart
no one listens, no one but you
let it speak, let it weep
let the words in this paper drip tears
this man is in pain and in suffering
let me stay in this place
where i stare at your throne
where all things are silent
where your songs are loud
peaceful yet wild.
lead me to that place
a place where tranquil love exist
take me out of this web of which i spun
so many lines, uncomfortable
im lost in my own time
comfort me with troubling thoughts
comfront me with fear of you
take all of myself
leave nothing, leave nothing behind
i want my hands washed from all of these
i want to stay and sit
i want to pray and fit
take me away
take me to paradise
take me to where music is loud
and praise is serene
bring me close to your arms
let me find myself in you


April 3, 2007, 9:07 am
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I personally like this poem that I wrote sometime last year, for it is one of the poem that I really felt God respond to the cries of my heart back then.

That’s why I named this poem “Dialogue” since this was an outpour of one prayer I had last year. Read on…

Father i seek you
i need Your strength as i sleep
for now i weep, for my brothers are blind
and im too small for them to find

Father i seek you
my heart burdens with sorrow
seeing the inevitable tomorrow
how can i let them see that its You to follow

Father i seek you
Father youre all i have
and in your majesty and fists
im showered by your grace, mercy and love


My son where are you
You have what you need
Why do you seek
Son do you doubt?

What happened to you
Its all in your hands, I sent mine to you
Now go for I’m with you
Dont worry, dont ever doubt

Son stand up and shout
I will make your voice a resonating sound
Scrub the sand and look around
See that My love abounds

For now you’re there as my heart
Now open their eyes and tend to the hurt
Awaken now my son
The morning warmth blesses you…
Son, Have fun…

Split Screen Romance
October 20, 2006, 6:02 am
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This one can make my heart beat
This one can draw me a smile
This one can make me wait a while
This one can make me run the Nile
im telling you that this one is worth the wait
even if it will take me 10 years, and cling on fate
This one can remove my sleep dust
that comfort made to rust
This one can put back that trust
This one, no one else
This one was the one i prayed for
This one, night and day until 4
When could i carry her through that door
This one is a wish that will come true
Have i given alot of clues?
that she’s the one that took my blues
This one i wish to spend forever
Sickness and health, to love so tender
This one i will be jealous on
When she doesnt answer my call
it sets a period on the statement
I know she’ll never be my own
This one ill love too much i know
Will i ever see her tomorrow
so that i could wipe my own sorrow
This one will take my heart
Thats why i ask You and pray
before that happens…
My Lord, Lover and God… Set me apart.

Reap and Sow
October 7, 2006, 3:05 am
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its all going to change
patience and persistence
dont be frustrated
just keep locating
that one thing you seek
just keep going after
what you sow is what youll reap

runaway when its after you
dont face it, youll turn blue
pale and lost
i thought you dont want that toast

patience and persistence
dont be frustrated
youre lost ill run for you
youre gone, ill find you

my arms are waiting for you
dont turn blue
just keep locating
that one thing you seek
just keep going after
what you sow is what youll reap

Sidesteps in the dark
October 5, 2006, 9:24 am
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let music flow through
let the sound create that note
write as you speak
think as you sing

let your heart be heard
how long do you have to learn
tap your feet in motion
nod your head with devotion

conviction as the music flows
create that wonder as you tune that note
know that your not alone
its you, the music and tone

its waiting to be heard
its waiting to be sang
how could you wait
the music ends, but it only began

dance with your heart
dance with your lover
sing with your heart
sing to your lover

a special tune was set
uncommon tune to be read
move your feet in motion
lets go through this devotions

lose yourself
keep that heart
set it apart
look back and loose your heart

sidesteps in the dark
2 taps and a nod
sing to your lover
sing to my God

In a Spiritual Loss
September 26, 2006, 11:51 am
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uninspired as i write
i feel like im without right
to think or even say Your name
or even describe what i dont feel

yesterday seemed so real
now its all written in a reel
to be seen, remembered
how i envy myself of yesterday

how could i ever go back
to feel the warmth of your arms
to know that You got my back
whenever i feel like im in the sack

tired, wasted, and lost
as i start to see my body frost
what couldve caused
that this food is left unsauced

bitter or without taste
something that i would spit out
lukewarm and playing safe
will i ever burn and walk on fire?

i talk to myself
what is it when i pray
or am i tired in this fray
pick me up so in your arms ill lay

on the side battered and wounded
on the side ignored and seen rooted
in this world i feel rooted
i am saved, here no longer i am suited

uninspired as i write
i start to yesterdays light
how i shined so bright
and now, ashamed at night…

at night…

Words on Sand
September 20, 2006, 9:45 am
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suffecient knowledge
was never enough to know,
to comprehend
whats around that bend

try and see for yourself
whats inside that box of yours
just when the heavy rain pours
youll see whats on the end

mistakes maybe tough to fend
what could it take
for us to see whats fake
what could it take
to throw what brings it all to end

are we set straight
do we have our right sights
is it still bright lights?
is it still fight nights?

tonight i stand
read whats written on sand
we’re all the same
driven, and insane

tonight i stand
let go of that rock
were all insane
i hope you do the same

mistakes maybe tough to fend
what could it take
for us to see whats fake
what could it take
to throw what brings it all to end…

Untitled 91406
September 14, 2006, 5:54 am
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i wish i knew
how to woo you
i wish i knew
how i turned blue

i dont know why
how i used to lie
dreaming on my bed
and get satisfied

with dreams
i held my head up high
and now it seems
that i would look down and cry

i used to chase
an unending race
when its just Your face
that would dictate this pace

i wish i knew
how the wind blew
i dont know why
i just start to cry

although youre unseen
i could only picture and dream
my head upon your breath
thats where i would lean

with dreams
i try to seek you
and now youre near
i can hold you like youre here

Silence is all that is left unsaid
September 13, 2006, 7:35 am
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Im out of words to say
im out of thoughts to think
what could this be
im so tired, so tired to think
Have i brought this on myself
not myself… someone else
current state, unexplainable but seen
im writing a note to myself
where have you been
so far i have sought
now grieving searching and yearning
a heart so empty now it seeks
so much of you, so much of you

whats there to ponder
not even a second to wonder
just think what to say
this is all i have by the way

whats there to offer
but my life now in a sunder
dont think, just pray
I miss you love…

thats all i have to say
i miss those days i have something to hold
now i hope and wait
for that day to come once more
its on my mind
it never escapes my mind
euphoric praise
enlightening phrases
oh im in love
oh great Unseen im in love

whats there to ponder.
not a second to wonder
im here, and ill stay
stare at you and say…


One Thing
September 13, 2006, 3:12 am
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as long as the sun would rise
my eyes set upon my one prize
and i would give my all my task
just for me to grasp
this one thing i ask

to gaze upon your beauty
to lock myself within your confines
to stay and dwell in your house
in your house…
what more could i ask

ill come to you and lay down my life
if only i could, im sure that i would
inside does want out
burn this covering and let it out

just to give up all of my task
just for me to grasp
this one thing i ask

to gaze upon your beauty
to lock myself within your confines
to stay and dwell in your house

forever to gaze upon your beauty
and see what everyone does see
let me join them and shout holy, holy, holy…

and gaze upon your beauty…
to lock myself within your confines
to stay and dwell in your house
in your house…
what more could i ask…
but this one thing…