A Voice in the Wilderness

Feelings of 5-22
May 22, 2006, 4:21 pm
Filed under: Poems

how long shall we believe on the norm
that takes us beats us, we’re out of form
and we let him snatch us, and our faith torn

how long shall we keep our eyes closed
and of things that are not ours we boast
keep these going pretty soon we’re toast

scorched on that porch they seem to know
the fires that will eat us from down below
open your eyes! see others glow!

its not too late, to seal your fate
he loves us so, no need to debate
he loves us so, eventhough we’re not that great

oh taste and see his goodness
and feel your heart enter calmness
peaceful and blameless

oh taste and see his presence
better than wine, or the smell of incense
everyone’s welcome, no need for license

see him, feel him and peel yourself
of the thick skin that surrounds your pelt
he waits for you, just deny yourself

awaken young people awaken
for this world needs to be shaken
and lets see his arrival quicken

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wazzup bro? hows work?

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